Upper East Side Bars

Upper East Side


 Auction House 

Men In Cities
300 E. 89th St

The Auction House is a cozy, warm bar filled with luxurious décor. You can enjoy a nice beer with a friend, in front of a fireplace.

Bailey’s Corner Pub

1607 York Ave

This is a neighborhood hangout, meant for those that like to have a nice chat with a stranger. If you’re in the neighborhood and you’re doing laundry, you can stop by here for a $6 draft and a relaxing time.


1439 Second Ave

A wild spot, if you get there on that certain night you’ll be bound to see hooligans dancing on tables. If you’re in a lively mood and would like to laugh at idiots, or be an idiot for the night, this is your place.

Bemelmans Bar in the Carlyle 

35 E. 76th St

A well preserved and exquisite post-war styled bar. Bemelmans Bar is covered my murals of animals and buildings painted by Ludwig Bemelmans himself.

Caledonia Scottish Pub

1609 Second Ave

This Scottish pub is small and composed spot. It has a long bar going across the narrow venue followed by a comfortable area for a group of friends to crash and watch TV.

Club Macanudo 

Men In Cities
26 E. 63rd St

One of the only cigar bars in Manhattan, the Macanudo offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Decorated with mahogany furniture, this club is perfect for anything from a group of friends to two gentlemen doing business.

Eastside Billiards 

163 E. 86th St

Eastside Billiards is a fun place for both pool lovers and non-pool lovers. Enjoy a beer while playing pool with friends or strangers. Sit back and watch sports on the projector TV, it’s all up to you.

Jones Wood Foundry 

401 E. 76th St

This countryside pub houses both a wine and beer bar. It contains rustic décor with a rock theme. This bar features a European beer list and a traditional food menu.

Lexington Bar and Books 

1020 Lexington Ave

This is another cigar bar that contains a nice congenial atmosphere. You can sit by the fireplace and listen to some calming jazz, or you can read a book like the name says.