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New York City is romanticized in the movies and with the written word, but is Manhattan really like that?

Anyone who has lived here will tell you New York City is unlike any other place in the world. It consumes your energy, steals your heart, romanticizes your dreams, awakens your mind and stimulates your desires. There is a reason why New York City continues to inspire so many love stories, sitcoms, movies and novels. This place is really an artist’s muse.

212Access brings you those original stories, videos, articles and honest confessions from the fabric of New York City. If you’ve ever wondered what it is like to live in Manhattan, 212Access will tell it to you with an uncensored voice.

For those foreign readers who always ask, “What is 212?” That’s the original area code for NYC before cell phones brought in 646, 718, 917, 347..etc. And just like our original area code, 212Access promises to stay true to its original NYC form, always, until gentrification forces us to sell out and move on up, hopefully to the highest bidder. (C’mawn, we wouldn’t be New Yorkers if we didn’t dream big).


Mark Macias 

and the 4-creative wizards behind 212Access- Sarah George, Desiree Hamuche, Farah Salman and Jane Pritchard.