Your Guide to Brooklyn

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By Latasha Watson

New Yorkers might think they know everything, but ask them about Brooklyn, and you’ll probably hear silence. As a life-long Brooklynite, I can tell you when it comes to my borough, Manhattanites need a guidebook to get around.

Brooklyn is more than the land of graffiti. It’s full of charm, personality, trendsetters, characters and even history, depending on where you go. Here is a breakdown of the different neighborhoods – the Manhattanites Guide to Brooklyn.

Williamsburg is the area that is too cool for school. This neighborhood provides what’s new happening in Brooklyn. Whether you live in Williamsburg or another part of Brooklyn, people naturally go to this area for the latest trends such as clothes (with many vintage and thrift shops in the area along with local record stores which can not be seen too much any more around New York).  Many restaurants and bars for the late and early birds to enjoy along with an increditable music scene. If you want to hear the latest music in Brooklyn, Williamsburg is the place because of the many music venues. The people of the neighborhood bring diversity to its foundation. With Jews, Latinos and hipsters living in this trendy place makes you understand why the appeal of Williamsburg can be seen different in many forms.

Clinton Hill is the area of diversity city.  Clinton Hill is the neighborhood I grew up to love because of the culture of the people. The people range from any race you can think of and the personalities is mixed from business men and women, hipsters, artist, taxi drivers, travelers, college students and too many to write in one sentence. This neighborhood is an area where people from all over flock to live. That is one reason why the tour bus travels through this area. There are two infamous colleges resting in this section, Art school Pratt Institute, and the Medical/ Business school St. Joseph College. Not to only mention the people but the food in amazing as well. The restaurants in this location are so diverse.

Fort Green is literally a few blocks away from Clinton Hill. Some people never know when they are exiting or entering Fort Green and vise versa. This location is filled with restaurants and cafés bringing in many people around New York to visit just for it diverse food choices. From Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Italian, to African and many more Fort Green is the heart of connecting people together for the love of food.  Along the streets of Fort Greene is just like Clinton Hill filled with many Brownstone apartment buildings along with taller bricks to glass apartment buildings. Fort Greene is also the home BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) one of the places in NY to see great performance art and home of famous film producer Spike Lee, as the area can be seen in his film “Crooklyn”. The biggest park in the area is Fort Green Park is a great place to take your dog to run around, walk along the long white steps as I did when I was child or have a lovely stroll. Fort Greene is definitely in the range of the up rising locations.

Park Slope is the area that can be viewed as a picture on a post card. The scenery of this location is beautiful.  So many trees, parks, and cafes on every corner, this location is the best place to maybe raise children. Visiting Park slope you will see countless of children living in this area along with the variety of many local restaurants and cafes to chose from. Yes this sounds similar to the last three neighborhoods but the difference about Park Slope is it charm and the hills. Brooklyn is not know for Hills unlike the Bronx but in Park Slope you will find small hills to drive or walk n which makes it perfect to go out for a great exercise. Park slope is also known for Prospect Park, which is Brooklyn’s largest park, and for its calmer aspaher. In other locations you might hear loud music or chatter but in Park Slope, everything seems more quiet and peaceful which brings out the calmness in Brooklyn.

Bedford-Stuyvesant aka Bed-Stuy brings the urban scene to Brooklyn. This location is filled with music history of talents such as Notorious B.I.G and Jay Z.  Bed-Stuy is known for its brilliant architect, which makes it one of the oldest areas in Brooklyn. Every detail in the buildings can be seen today as well as the churches. Throughout Bedford-Stuyvesant there can be seen many Church’s that uplifts the voices of Gospel music. With the history of Black culture music and architect, Bed-Stuy is one of the greatest places in Brooklyn the media love to shoot films and create stories.

Coney Island is Brooklyn’s best tourist attractions. With its rich history of entertaining people with unique interesting shows, the beach, games and rides helps to give Brooklyn a face. Coney Island is known to give the people what they want, which is to have fun. One of the only amusement parks to still have the oldest roller coaster called The Cyclone. Not only The Cyclone continue to have the spot light, Coney Island is highly known for the famous hotdog venue “Nathans”. Nathans hotdogs taste like no other, which is why especially during warm weather the line of this venue is incredible long, but the long is wroth to wait.

Dumbo is the area of Brooklyn that connection old with new. This location is rest right near the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge, which is the perfect location to reach the city faster.  This location is known for its old brick ground as car drive by and the famous pizzeria Grimaldi. Grimaldi’s Pizzeria has delicious pizza that the cheese really melts in your mouth. The wait for this pizza is about 30 minutes to an hour as the line reach’s the end of the block. Believe me the wait is worth it even on a cold near end winter day. To have a perfect view looking over into the city Dumbo is the perfect place to visit and to have just a little insight of the old mix with the new.