Why Local Farmer Markets are Better in NYC

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Why Local Farmer Markets are Better in NYC

By Marlene Garzona

Manhattan may seem like an isolated country, far away from the rural land of  fresh gardens, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fresh fruit and vegetables grown from local farmers. A variety of local farmer markets are scattered throughout New York City waiting to be tasted.

Approximately 200 regional farmers participate in these markets, including both traditional and organic farmers; orchard growers; meat, dairy, poultry and fish producers; and producers of baked goods, honey, maple syrup, jam, wine and plants.

Local foods are better for you because they are packed with more nutrients and antioxidants bringing out their flavors. These fruits and vegetables that are locally grown are picked when they are fresh, ripe and trucked straight from the farm only a few miles away.

These markets are full of variety which you can’t find at corner stores; local farmers grow what they love and those products are the ones they bring to share. Featuring fresh, organic, and vegan options you can expect to find a wide range of goods. From just-picked fresh fruits, greens, and vegetables, to heritage meats, fish, and award-winning farmstead cheeses, artisan breads, jams, pickles, a profusion of cut flowers and plants, wine, juices, ciders, maple syrup and much more. Markets can also be a great place to get together with neighbors or met a new friend or two.

Better yet if you’re ever unsure what a product is or how to cook it or even have general questions about how your food is grown – there’s a local farmer there to help. When you buy directly from the supplier you gain a lot; farmers can share recipes, answer questions, and help familiarize you with the ways to start living a healthier lifestyle.

Shopping for local fruits and vegetables can also be fun to do on a date, especially if you end up cooking dinner that night together. Click here to read where the best local farmer markets are located in New York City.

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