Where is the Modern Day Don Draper

Farah Sandra Salman April 2, 2013 5

Where is the Modern Day Don Draper

By Farah Sandra Falman

Don Draper is a cheater, womanizer, alcoholic and chain smoker, yet every woman is seduced by his charm. Women loathe that kind of behavior in the real world, so what makes Don Draper so dapper?

It boils down to attitude.

Don Draper has this way about him. He doesn’t wait for a sign of approval from others. He just jumps in. He doesn’t stare at a woman from across the bar and then sheepishly approach her. Don sits next to her without asking permission, then goes in for the kill. It’s a certain confidence from within that even if faced with rejection, allows Don to keep his pride.

That is sexy. It’s a confidence that most modern men lack today.

Most men will only approach the approachable and that’s usually the girl who has already given them the green light. But what happened to the risk, the pursuit, the challenge? Guys might brag about wanting a challenge, but when given the opportunity, most retreat.

The modern man is a man of convenience. He only acts like Don Draper when nothing is at risk. That’s unfortunate for women. We still yearn for a strong, confident man who approaches life without fear. The term “man” no longer holds value in today’s world. It’s just an adjective used to differentiate gender.

My father is someone I look to as a real man – someone from another generation who doesn’t back down and fights for what he believes is right. You can rely on him because he’s a man of his word, regardless of the temperature, much like Don Draper.

Being a man is a privilege, not a right. Just because you were born with the anatomy of a man, doesn’t make you by default, a man. Age doesn’t define a man, character does.

So how can a modern man become a modern day Don Draper? Perhaps, you need to go back in time, and I’m not talking about the 1960s when Mad Men is set. You must go back to the cave man days when man needed to hunt to live. He didn’t wait until his prey came to him when it was convenient. Cave men went hunting or risked losing it all. Modern men need to go back to the days when they no longer fear they can lose it all, just like Don Draper.

Don risked it all and in later seasons lost it all, but guess what. Don Draper didn’t give up. Instead, he boldly moved on to a new table with a new woman and began all over with his pride intact.

Women may not want to marry a real life version of Don, but given the chance, most women would probably jump into bed with him. The character Don Draper is fictional, but clearly he was inspired by someone. If only, we could find him today.

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