What you don’t Know about Miss USA

212Access January 14, 2013 Comments Off on What you don’t Know about Miss USA

By Christian Balmaseda

Mallory Hagan is officially the most-sought after bachelorette with her new Miss USA title. But who is this pretty, blonde bombshell that won Miss New York and went onto win the 2013 Miss USA title?

The 23-year-old FIT student has come a far way from her humble beginnings in the South. She moved to New York from Opelika, Alabama in 2008 with only $1,000 to her name. In four short years, she found a way to use her bubbling personality to turn her dreams into reality. Here’s a little more that you don’t know about Miss USA, who lives in Park Slope. Her crowning achievement video is below, followed by four-things you don’t know about Miss New York, now known as Miss USA.

She has Drive

Mallory has a passion for cosmetics, however her drive for success goes far beyond finding the right makeup to match her outfit.  The FIT student is currently studying advertising and communications in the hopes of someday becoming the global marketing director of a cosmetics company.

Miss New York vs. Miss California

We know what you’re thinking. Beauty contestants are all looks with little substance but Mallory has looks and brains. When pageant officials asked her about armed security guards in schools, she told panelists we cannot fight violence with violence and went on to argue that we should properly educate people about gun safety if we expect to see a change.

That was apparently a better answer than Miss California gave. When asked about euthanasia in their pre-interviews, Miss California responded, “It is a vaccine, right?” (Video from that pre-interview is below).

She Works Hard for Her Body

Miss USA before she cut down on carbs.

Mallory has a hot body now, but it wasn’t always like that. It is no secret that a slim body is the prerequisite for the Miss America crown.  For Mallory, this meant a lot of hard work and dedication.  After placing runner-up in several beauty pageants and being crowned Miss Brooklyn in 2010, Mallory was determined to get in shape. In an interview with the New York Post, Mallory’s boyfriend, Charmel Maynard said, “She did not want to be rail-thin. She did it the right way: She did a lot of CrossFit, and she just ate a lot better.”

She’s a Children’s Advocate

Mallory will be supporting a platform to bring greater awareness to child sexual abuse, during her reign as Miss USA. Mallory knows, first hand, how sexual abuse can impact a family. She has said that several members of her family were sexually abused. Partnering with Stop It Now!, she will travel across the country advocating the prevention of child sexual abuse.