What Her Hair Style says to Men

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What Her Hair Style says to Men

By Anthony Laneau 

Most women treat their hair like an accessory. They spend time in the morning blow-drying it; they massage it with expensive shampoos and conditioners; they spend hundreds of dollars on coloring and trims that the average guy doesn’t even notice.

So if girls put that much effort into their hair style, it’s safe to assume they are trying to project an image. But what image?

Hairstyles can reveal a lot about a woman’s personality and what she is trying to project – at least according to this crew of guys who spend the entire day talking about women. Think about it. Pig tails are typically associated with youth, while short hair is usually associated men. It says a lot by what a woman wants others to think of her. Here is an assessment that a team of guys brainstormed on as we tried to figure out women during our boring work day.

Pig Tails

Pigtails are a sign of youth, energy and fun. A woman who takes the time to put her hair in pig tails is purposely trying to give the impression that she is fun, different and full of raw energy. It takes more effort to put your hair in pig tails, rather than a pony tail, so we are assuming it takes twice the effort. If she puts her hair in pig tails, we think she is fun and sexy. She might even have inner “porn star” desires since most porn stars put their hair in pig tails for their action shots. Or at least, that is what we hear.

Pony Tail

If you go to the gym, what do you see? A lot of women wearing ponytails. We’re guys, so we don’t know what a pony tail feels like, but we’ll assume these girls at the gym put their hair in pony tails because it is easier for them to work out. Regardless of the reason, a pony tail looks sporty and we like it. Outside of the gym, a pony tail gives us the impression that she is sporty and fit. The pony tail look is sexy and every guy imagines him pulling it behind closed doors.

Short Hair

Short hair is a sign of independence; she wants to have fun without taking care of her hair. Generally, that shows a strong character since a woman’s hair is a sign of her femininity. There is also the short artistic hair, which is very easy to read. This is the girl who turns her hair into an artistic canvas. This is the woman who wants you to know that she’s okay – with or without you. At least that is how us guys see it.

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Hair Down

A women who wears her hair down is expressing her feminity. This is the complete opposite personality from the girl who wears short hair. This is the woman who wants to seduce you with her hair, and we admit it, we fall for it. This woman can quickly get a guy wrapped around her fingers if she knows how to use her fingers.


Hair Up

This hair style screams high maintenance. If it takes a woman over an hour to primp, you can safely assume she takes pride in her looks. This is why we say she is high maintenance. This woman is generally chic from her pedicure to her manicure. We think she may also be a little bit uptight. But one thing is certain: this woman always knows what she wants and you better know what you want too if you want to hang with her.

Curly Hair vs “Straightened Hair”

Many women have naturally curly hair but they choose to straighten, just like, many women with straight her choose to curl it. Either way, this is the woman who is not what she appears to be. She has multiple personalities based on her hair style and depending on the mood of the moment, it will likely change by the season.