Upper West Side Neighborhood

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Upper West Side Neighborhood

By Cedric Vanhamme

New York City is made up of a diversity of people. It’s also comprised of neighborhoods that are just as diverse.

The Upper West Side doesn’t get as much attention as its more powerful siblings, Midtown and Downtown Manhattan. If you want to escape the Manhattan chaos, head to the Upper West Side to find a peaceful place void of suits. In the Upper West Side, you will see middle aged mothers, pushing strollers and younger singles walking their dogs. This is my neighborhood, so let me tell you a little about it.

The Upper West Side is bordered in the South by West 59th Street and Columbus Circle and in the North by West 110th Street. It’s surrounded by parks, which makes it a peaceful for walking.

At the east side of the neighborhood, you will find the west entrance to Central Park and at the west side you can reach Riverside Park. Those two parks were opened to the public in the 1870s.

The relaxing atmosphere in the Upper West Side extends up to Columbia University and her students. Many New Yorkers may not know this, but in 1897 Columbia University moved from 49th Street and Madison Avenue where it had stood for forty years, to its present location 116th Street and Broadway. Tourists are free to visit the campus where they can find the architectural centerpiece, called the Low Memorial Library.

The Upper West Side, or UWS for short, is filled with outdoor patios where patrons can drink. It is also packed with restaurants and smaller boutiques. Students on a budget can find sleeping and dining places for cheap till very cheap and for average prices. Of course luxury places are on the market too to live a more luxurious moment.

The Upper West Side is also rich in culture. Lincoln Center, aka ‘the biggest cultural center in the world’, built in the middle years of the 1950s, will blow up your cultural mind. Go experience the Metropolitan Opera and her several halls: Avery Fisher Hall, David H. Koch Theater and Alice Tully Hall. Put the American Museum of Natural History in your agenda too. It is only the world’s biggest museum of natural history where the movie ‘Night at the Museum’ with actor Ben Stiller was filmed.

The architecture in this part of Manhattan is also very interesting. When we talk about the buildings, they stay pretty human in heights but are real beauties. The typical housing there is the brownstones houses.