Top 10 Places to take a Nap in the City

212Access August 22, 2012 Comments Off on Top 10 Places to take a Nap in the City

1)- Tekserve in Chelsea (119 W.  23rd Street) Tekserve is the best place to get your MAC serviced, so you know what that means. Expect a long wait. Luckily, the MAC repair shop thought of you when they designed their waiting area (for lack of a better word). There are a few comfortable seats here that allow you to unwind and recharge your battery without anyone bugging you. Here is a picture of my favorite chair.


2)- Main Public Library in Midtown (5th Ave & 42nd Street) – You own the main public library so don’t feel guilty about taking a nap here. The Stephen A. Schwarzman public library is six floors of pure silence. Have you ever been inside a loud library? Nope. This library has so many hidden crevices that it’s easy to find a private spot to rest. I’ve fallen asleep here many times and no one ever bothered me. It’s the library. We expect you to sleep here.

3)- Sheraton Hotel in Midtown (7th Avenue and 53rd Street) – This library caters to tired tourists so no one will question you if you’re resting your eyes in the comfortable couches in the lobby. If security asks, (which they won’t), just tell them you’re waiting for Larry Cohen or John Smith or Carlos Hernandez. But say it with confidence.

4)- Macy’s (34th Street and 7th Avenue) – This place is made for taking naps. Go to the top floor and you will find mattresses and couches – everything your own home has. Just look like a serious buyer and no sales person will question that you’re recharging your batteries.

5)- Dream Hotel (Broadway and 55th Street) – A lot of people don’t know but the basement of this hotel has a few couches. It’s dark and quiet. There is even a large fish tank to help you relax.

6) Hudson Hotel (59th Street and 8th Avenue) – The rooftop at the Hudson Hotel is now open to the public, even though they don’t advertise it. The rooftop has lounge chairs, couches, seats designed for the tired tourist (aka – the lazy office worker). Security rarely goes up here, but if anyone asks, just do your best foreign accent and act like you don’t understand. If tha doesn’t work, refer to the divergence strategy from number 3.

7) Saks Fifth Avenue – Head to any floor that sells women’s clothes and you will find comfortable chairs for the tired husband who is forced to watch his wife shop. That is you. The tired, annoyed, bored husband (or lesbian lover) who is sick of waiting for his significant other find a dress. “Where is that woman?” is a great diversion if you see security approaching. Look angry and annoyed if he approaches you. Remember, you have a sense of arrogance and entitlement since you can afford to shop here.

8) Home Depot in Midtown or Upper East Side – Yes, these stores do sell a small selection of lawn furniture and comfortable chairs. Try them out. You can never find any customer service agents here, so you don’t need an upfront excuse on why you are sleeping.

9) Bloomingdales (59th Street and Lexington) – Similar strategy from number 7. Lots of high end women’s fashion that requires a lot of time for a woman to decide.

10) Crate and Barrel in Soho (Houston & Broadway) – Lots of comfortable chairs and couches are sold here. Enough Said.