Top 10 Inspiring Places in NYC

212Access August 22, 2012 1

New York City is full of inspiration on nearly every other corner. But sometimes, you need an extra kick to help you get through that dry moment.

Here is a list of the Top-10 Places for Inspiration, as told by real artists, writers, painters, song-writers and comedians.


1: Museum of Sex

The most famous artists in the world all seemed to have some demented view of sex, which makes you wonder – could there be a correlation between sex and creativity? We think so, and that’s why several poets admit they come here to let their mind wander. They say this is a good spot to let your eyes go where they want to go. Of course, it’s not for the bashful.


2: Brooklyn Bridge

Several photographers say they keep coming back to this bridge because it offers a different view every day. The people, the lights, the city, the clouds seem to change by the minute when you find yourself in the middle of the bridge’s suspension. You don’t need to be a photographer to look across the Lower Manhattan skyline and feel the power.


3: Museum of Modern Art

MOMA will unleash the creativity in even the most logical of thinkers. Take time to stare at the Andy Warhol paintings or modern day exhibits and you will slowly find your mind wandering to areas that you never knew existed. You don’t even have to appreciate art to find entertainment inside the museum.


4: Stephen Schwarzman Public Library

This library has new exhibits year round that will make your mind fly through the centuries. Even if you don’t like art, pick up a book and read what some of the earliest explorers believed before they set sail into the new world. Perhaps you’d like to read what some of our country’s founding fathers believed when it came to faith and prosperity. The gargantuan paintings throughout the building will also inspire you to dream big.


5: Starbucks on Astor Street

Yes, we said it, but there is a catch. You need to drink 4 venti lattes in less than an hour to feel the effects of this inspiration. It might sound silly, but it really does work. The best writers say they come to this spot whenever their writer’s block seems to take hold.


6: Gotham Comedy Club

Every comedian aspires to perform here, which is why every funnyman we talked to say they like coming here on Friday and Saturday nights. They say there is something about watching another comedian that makes you feel vulnerable and invincible in the same breath. They also secretly admit Gotham Comedy Club allows them to work up new material for other parts of the country. For us non-comedians, Gotham Comedy Club allows you to just laugh without fear of judgment.


7: Washington Square Park

It seemed a little predictable to us until we tried it ourselves and someone tried to sell us pot. Of course we said no, but we hear from our creative types that the Washington Square Park grass will inspire you to new worlds.


8: Top floor of the Hudson Hotel

Shhh, don’t tell anyone but the Hudson Hotel has a park on the rooftop that is available to guests and occasionally the public. One writer tells us he loves going here during the summer, ordering a glass of wine, sitting on a chair, and scribbling away inside his journal. He says he’s not sure if it’s the wine, scenic views, up-close views or the flowers on the rooftop, but he’s gotten some of his best sitcom ideas here.


9: 30 Rock

A writer for NBC told us he finds his inspiration inside the basement of 30 Rock, especially during the crowded lunch time hour. We don’t get it (then again, we’re not creative like him) but he swears the tables sprinkled throughout the underground allow him to people-watch while he searches for new ideas via osmosis. Uh, okay.


10: Columbia University

When you sit under a tree and imagine the famous thinkers who walked on this campus, your mind will get a new source of energy. Take a minute and talk to other students and you will see why bright minds always tend to inspire each other to higher heights. Sit under a tree and think. It’s really all you need to do here before your mind starts to get inspired to brighter days.