Top Ten NYC Apps

Jane Pritchard August 21, 2012 1

Top Ten Apps for Navigating New York City

New York City is full of choices. Where to eat, which subway is fastest even where to find a close restroom in a bind. The decisions can easily overwhelm you, especially when you’re in a rush. Here’s a list of the Top-10 Best apps that will help anyone find anything, including the New Yorker who knows everything.

Sit or Squat

Cost: Free. Charmin launched this app to help users locate the nearest bathroom. It shows a toilet paper icon over the bathroom’s location on a map. There are a few drawbacks to this app; one being that it requires a Facebook login—which puts you at risk of sharing on Facebook each time you use a bathroom (which is weird, don’t do that). I am pretty sure that can be avoided if you are just using the map feature without letting every one of your friends know what you’re up to.


Cost: Free. This handy app allows you to choose the type of food you want to eat, where you want to eat it, and how much you’re willing to pay for it—then it randomly generates restaurant suggestions. Complete with phone numbers, reviews, maps, and menus, this app is a must-have for tourists who don’t know the area or even native New Yorkers looking to find something new.

New York Travel Guide

Cost: Free. The New York Travel Guide is nice because it is a bit more specific than other apps and also breaks down things to do based on neighborhoods. It provides useful accommodation recommendations. One special feature is its ability to add events to a calendar within that app to keep your entire trip organized.

New York City Subway Map

Cost: Free. This map is a steal with all of the information it provides about the subways including directions, arrival times, alerts, advisories, and line-specific maps. What’s even better—it works offline, so during that time you need it most (stuck underground going the wrong way on the subway) this app will be there for you.

Note: There is a paid version of this app that costs $3.99—so this really is a great deal.

New York Street Food

Cost: $0.99. If you’d like the classic NYC street food experience, you can probably just walk around until you find a vendor—they’re everywhere. However, they are scarcer in certain neighborhoods and if you want a specific kind of street food, this app can help you locate it and narrow it down!

NY Times The Scoop NY

Cost: Free. The staff of the New York Times teams up on this app to provide insider suggestions about events, restaurants, and other attractions that only New Yorkers would know. It includes the top places to eat according to the Times’ food critic. This app is great for off-the-beaten path sort of things.


New York City Cocktail Compass

Cost: Free. This app by L Magazine cuts right to the chase if you’re just looking for a good place to drink. Complete with the standard information: numbers, reviews, and maps, it makes finding a bar easy. Perhaps its best feature is the countdown until happy hour ends, so you know how long you have to get there.

Top of the Rock

Cost: Free. Top of the Rock is a cool attraction for any tourist, and this app takes it to the next level. It provides a viewfinder to point out the various landmarks in the city that can be viewed from the top of Rockefeller Center.




Cost: Free. Why not put beautiful filters on all the photos you’re going to take on your seamless journey around New York thanks to all of these great app suggestions?


One more thing : these apps are great, but don’t be that annoying person on their phone the whole trip. Turn off the iPhone and enjoy yourself.