The Real Kramer from Seinfeld

Jane Pritchard August 21, 2012 1

The Story behind the Real Kramer

New York City is a place of reality – reality TV, reality checks, and Kenny Kramer’s Reality Tour.

That’s right. Kenny Kramer, the real-life inspiration behind the iconic Seinfeld character, Cosmo Kramer, leads a NYC bus tour that takes tourists around the city, highlighting spots made famous by the show.

For the generation that didn’t grow up with Seinfeld, Cosmo Kramer was the tall, clumsy, eccentric character always trying to turn a quick buck, similar to the real-life Kramer.

Kenny Kramer was a neighbor and friend of the show’s co-creator, Larry David. Around the time of the show’s inception, Larry David asked Kenny to help him develop the show. Kenny ended up becoming the basis for the major character known for his get rich quick schemes.

Kenny, like the fictional Cosmo, is on the taller end, with wild, shoulder-length hair. He is a longtime stand up comic who’s performed all sorts of odd jobs like managing a reggae band from England to selling electronic jewelry for discos. He’s even run for mayor of New York City… twice! The first time was a joke. The second campaign had the slogan, “This time I’m not kidding.”

Now, Kenny leads tourists around on the Kenny Kramer Reality Tour, showing off hot spots from the Seinfeld program. He sweetens the deal by adding in comical backstage details about the filming and creation of the internationally famous show.

Kenny Kramer’s Reality Tour starts off with some of Kenny’s stand up act involving his personal relationship with the stars of Seinfeld. The bus stops at several sights straight from the episodes and Kramer makes sure to explain the significance of all the spots. Some examples include the hospital where one of the characters had a Junior Mint accidentally placed inside him during a procedure, the restaurant where the gang frequented on the show, and a movie theater where Jerry took a date to see Schindler’s List.

The tour does its best to keep the show alive for Seinfeld fans considering it hasn’t been making new episodes since 1998 and the show was actually filmed in LA. The sights were only fictitiously visited by the actors, yet “Seinfans,” as they are known, still appreciate the sentimental value of the locations—something Kenny has been capitalizing on, just like Cosmo Kramer would have envisioned.

Those who took the tour give it great reviews on Kenny Kramer’s website. The general consensus is Kenny Kramer is a great guy. He gives the impression that he is genuinely excited to be a part of the Seinfeld legacy and to keep the tradition going. And for those who still have doubts that Kenny Kramer’s stories are true, he proves that he is the real Kramer with a quote from the website, “Of course I’m ‘The Real’ Kramer! Who else could have thought up a scheme like this?”

Click here to learn more about the tour schedule. Tickets start at $37.50 and require prior booking either online or by phone.