The Clintons – A Hollywood Love Story

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A Hollywood Love Story

By: Christian Balmaseda

New Yorkers love the Clintons. Bill and Hillary ooze power, charisma, indulgence, failure, prominence, sex appeal, you name it.

Now, it looks like New York and all of America is going to get to relive how Bill and Hillary first fell in love.

In Hollywoood, there is something called the “Black List” which is a list of the hottest screenplays making their way around Tinseltown. This year, according to that list, there is a popular screenplay making its way around producers, called “Rodham.” Of course, everyone knows that is Hillary’s maiden name.

Rodham” is said to highlight the personal struggles between Hillary’s desires to be with Bill and her ambitions to establish a political career of her own.  The screenplay is set when the Clinton’s are in their twenties, when Hillary is an aspiring lawyer in Washington D.C.  In a strange twist, the screenplay depicts how Clinton helped establish the impeachment procedures, which would be used against her husband nearly two decades later.

It’s no surprise that Rodham has become one of the hottest scripts in Hollywood with Hillary being one of the most successful, controversial and divisive women in a generation. This film is sure to be a hit with development underway by Temple Hill Entertainment, the force behind the overwhelming popular Twilight series.

The screenplay introduces a side of Hillary that no one has ever seen.

Audiences can anticipate seeing a young woman facing the same struggles most women face balancing success with romance. The film’s screenwriter, Young II Kim, said in an interview with Politico, “Both literally pulled her thousands of miles apart, because Bill did not want to leave Arkansas, and she did not want to leave Washington, D.C.”

Kim told Politico he wrote the screenplay in four months, pulling most of his research from the dozens of Clinton books that have been published over the years.

So who could possibly fill the role of Hillary on the big screen? The blogosphere is calling for Kristin Stewart to take on the role and I hope, for Hillary’s sake, this was just a cruel joke.  Sure, the character is supposed to be young, but surely we can think of some young actresses whose talents exceed awkward facial expressions and an inability to form coherent sentences.

Others names floating around the blogs are Ellen Page, Emma Stone and Scarlett Johansson.  However in this sea of Hollywood faces the one name that really jumped out at me was Anne Hathaway. After seeing her stunning performance in Les Miserables, there is no doubt in my mind that she would give a stellar performance.