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For Love or Money

212Access August 2, 2015 2

By Logan Davis Guys are selfish, it’s no secret, but so are beautiful women. They’re just more discreet about what they admit. But if you listen closely to what NYC women say they want

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How to Get Caught Cheating

212Access July 31, 2013 Comments Off on How to Get Caught Cheating

How Guys get Caught Cheating on their Girlfriends By Sarah Cohen We are onto your cheating ways. Guys might think they can outsmart us women but when it comes to relationships, women have a

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Promiscuous New Yorkers

212Access May 22, 2013 1

Are New Yorkers more Promiscuous? Sex and the City gave us a bad rap. Now everyone assumes we’re all sluts. Are we? Three New York women dissect the question to see if New Yorkers

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Where is the Modern Day Don Draper

Farah Sandra Salman April 2, 2013 5

Where is the Modern Day Don Draper By Farah Sandra Falman Don Draper is a cheater, womanizer, alcoholic and chain smoker, yet every woman is seduced by his charm. Women loathe that kind of

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What your Halloween Costume says..

212Access October 1, 2012 4

What your Halloween Costume Says about your Personality By: 212Access Do you want to be the star of the Halloween party? We’re talking the costume of the night that has everyone holding onto your

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Promiscuity in the City

212Access August 22, 2012 Comments Off on Promiscuity in the City

Promiscuity in the City by John Prett New York City is full of opportunities, but a new study suggests that taking advantage of those promiscuous opportunities may be stealing your happiness. Most New Yorkers

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The Art of Seduction

212Access August 22, 2012 Comments Off on The Art of Seduction

 The Art of Seduction By Stephanie Rios So you’re in a crowded bar sipping a cocktail with your buddy when the prettiest woman walks through the door. She’s with her girlfriend, and they are

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The Real New York City

212Access August 22, 2012 Comments Off on The Real New York City

The Real New York City by: Mark Macias New York is nothing like Paris; it is nothing like London; and it is not Spokane multiplied by sixty, or Detroit multiplied by four. It is

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Which Men are Faithful

212Access August 21, 2012 2

Which Men are Faithful by Juan Jimenez As a brother with several sisters, I was always told, “don’t ever let your girlfriend catch you checking out another woman.” My sisters gave me a litany

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Doorman or Relationship Expert

Doorman or Relationship Expert

212Access May 5, 2012 Comments Off on Doorman or Relationship Expert

Does your doorman know more about dating than you do? Dan the Doorman seems to know more about relationships than Dr. Phil and he’s basing it all on street smarts. What does a woman’s

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