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Top-10 PR Tips for Small Businesses

US Newswires November 30, 2015 Comments Off on Top-10 PR Tips for Small Businesses

By Madalyn Ryan Many entrepreneurs might know how to run their own business, but when it comes to executing a publicity strategy, they don’t know where to begin. Now there is a new tool

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PR Tactics to Increase Holiday Sales

US Newswires November 24, 2015 Comments Off on PR Tactics to Increase Holiday Sales

By Frida Johannes Most business owners take the easy way out when it comes to holiday promotions. Online ads are one of the more popular ways to get your product in front of customers,

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What a woman’s purse says about her personality

212Access December 21, 2012 6

By: Mark Macias I’m not a fashion stylist or even a handbag designer, but I can tell you from experience– a woman’s purse tells a guy everything he needs to know about her personality.

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Unspeakable Truth about NYC Fashion

Sarah George August 23, 2012 39

NY Fashion Views..from Paris History was made and a cultural icon was born on TV when the series, Sex & the City made its debut in 1998. For the first time, television made it

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What a Man’s Watch Says

212Access August 21, 2012 2

Most people try to sum up a man by what he wears and that can reveal valuable insight. But one of the most minor details of a man’s appearance might just reveal the most

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Lower East Side Tour

212Access August 21, 2012 Comments Off on Lower East Side Tour

The Lower East Side is one of the few remaining “old school” neighborhoods in Manhattan. Large developers and gentrification haven’t “quite” destroyed its neighborhood charm. The lead concierge of the Hotel on Rivington takes

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Fashion is an Expression

212Access August 21, 2011 2

Why Fashion is an Expression of your Soul It’s time to go shopping because fall has arrived. Just like the leaves change colors and a cool breeze circles the air, fashion in New York

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