Best Places to Seduce your Date in NYC

212Access August 22, 2012 Comments Off on Best Places to Seduce your Date in NYC

New York City is like that Cialis commercial. You never know when the mood for romance will strike, which is why you always need to be ready, even during the day.

But in a City packed with 8-million people where do you go for romance and privacy? There are many hidden crevices in the City that can make any heart beat rise, and some of these spots are only open during the day. Here is a 212Access list for the Top-10 places to seduce your date during the day.

1) Think Coffee – This quaint coffee shop located at 248 Mercer St (between 3rd and 4th St.) is the perfect place to get acquainted with a new love interest. Do you want to learn more about what she likes? The Greenwich Village location is quiet, yet bustling so you never run out of things to talk about. Stay for two cups of coffee and you will feel like you are on the set of a romantic movie. Think Coffee also has board games you can borrow to stimulate the mind and decadent desserts that will break through any guard she has up. The comfortable couches are always crowded, which is good for you. It forces you to cozy up to each other.

2) SoHo – It doesn’t sound like the most original romantic idea but if you wander away from the crowds on Broadway you will find yourself back in time, perhaps even on a semi-isolated cobblestone street filled with boutique stores that will make any woman’s knees shake. It’s okay if you’re not money bags. Grab her hand and window shop. If you really want to seduce her, promise to buy her that favorite purse she loves after you make it big in the City.

3) Columbia University – It’s not just open for students. With its historic buildings, unique architecture, sprawled out steps, green grass and gargantuan trees, Columbia University provides the perfect stroll for couples on a warm day. The campus is also filled with great eats and cafes to make any casual Saturday seem like a vacation.

4) The Boat House in Central Park – This is the New York City version of a gondola ride in Venice. Imagine rowing a small boat overlooking New York City’s skyline on an isolated lake. Grab some flowers, sneak in some wine and you have a City escapade. For only $12 an hour, you can rent a boat for two and explore parts of Central Park that are only seen from water. You can row next to ancient trees, under bridges, and into secluded coves for a kisses she will never forget.

5) Main Public Library on 42nd and 5th – It might be a quiet spot to study or read, but the silence can also enhance your romance. Do you want to say something? Take a moment to whisper in her ear. Do you want to guide her into another room? Grab her hand and lead her inside. This 18th Century building will make any guy feel like a King roaming his castle. The library has free exhibits on different floors, so you won’t get bored. Study the architecture and admire the murals stretched throughout the long halls. And if you really want to impress her, surprise her with a present from the gift shop. Just buy it when she is not around.

6) Riverside Park– Forget Central Park. This isolated park stretches from 72nd Street to 129th Street. And since Riverside Park is on the West Side, it provides the best sunset views from anywhere in the City. It also sells wine and beer at a small stand near 105th street. Unlike other daytime locations in the City, Riverside Park offers seclusion and benches that aren’t crammed with kids or tourists.

7) Metropolitan Museum Rooftop– The rooftop on the world’s largest art museum can be a great way to spend or end any day. Order a glass of wine and walk through the roof garden that overlooks Central Park. When the weather is nice, you can head outdoors and soak in the view of the country’s largest man-made park.

8) South Street Seaport– This downtown pier-side is the perfect spot for a romantic stroll. Take a city cruise around Manhattan or hang your feet off the boardwalk together. The smell of the salt-water air and the aroma from neighbors restaurants will enhance your other senses. South Street Seaport also has beautiful views of the Brooklyn Bridge and East River, giving you both a different view of the city.

9) Gansevoort Hotel in Meatpacking– Want to do something more exclusive? The Gansevoort Hotel in Meatpacking District is a classy move that will impress any girl. Sit by the pool and order a cocktail in the summer or head to the other side of the rooftop and admire the bustling City during the day.

10) Rockefeller Center– Every woman wants to be saved by her knight in shining armor. Here’s a spot to save her from falling on the ice. The rink plays music that is geared towards couples so even if you don’t try, you will still be scoring points in her subconscious. In the summer, Rink Bar is just as romantic. There are very few places in NYC where you feel like you are in the center of it all, but at the Rink, you are literally in the Center of it all, surrounded by buildings, power, fame and money. Brush up on your Rockefeller history before heading here and drop your knowledge to her over coffee and notice how she leans in.