Best Second Date Spots (when you’re not quite sure)

212Access August 22, 2012 Comments Off on Best Second Date Spots (when you’re not quite sure)


New York City is an expensive place for dating, which is why not all dates are treated equally. Some women are worth a little more investment than others, just like some guys are allowed to be more vulgar than others.

A first-date meeting spot can be challenging, but a second-date is even more treachorous, especially if you’re not sure where the relationship is going. No one wants to spend a ton of money on a girl if the relationship looks like it’s headed for just friendship. Likewise, no woman wants to spend an entire evening with a guy if he really has no future.

Here are 10-spots for second dates when you’re not quite sure you’re into the person, but also not ready to write them off. These spots were picked by serial dates.


1: Revel Restaurant in Meatpacking

This restaurant is not too expensive, but it’s also got a great scene. If your date is a bore half-way through the night, you can always move over to the bar and strike up conversations with strangers. A DJ plays songs after 10pm, so you can be assured the scene will get lively at night.

2: Cellar 58 in Lower East Side

This is a great spot because it’s affordable, but doesn’t seem like a place for cheapskates. That means you don’t have to hedge a large bet before you decide she is worth a third date. The large wine selection also gives you a chance to show her or him how cultured you are when it comes to wine selections.

3: Fatty Crab in the West Village

This is an awesome bar that can make anyone seem fun. We love it and the food is not that expensive. It’s chill, so if your date is a drab, you can always make friends with the strangers at the table next to you.

4: Bar Blanc in the West Village

This is a great West Village diamond. The bar is always packed with chatty people who want to make friends. If your date runs out of things to say, you can just turn to your left and strike up a conversation with someone new.

5: Trattoria Cinque in Tribeca

We recommend sitting at the bar if you’re on a second date here because the bar scene is full of conversation. The dinner tables are too isolated. That being said, if your date turns into a fun, spontaneous soul, you can easily move the party over to dinner. Best part about this place is you will never find a plate over $25, so there is no chance your date will break the bank in only one meal.

6: Satsko Sushi in Lower East Side

You’re bound to get the best sushi in the city here, so even if your date sucks, at least you know you’ll get a good meal. Plus, they have saki bombers, which we all know can turn even a good, quiet Catholic girl into a bombshell.

7: Arium in Meatpacking

This restaurant has a nice area that is perfect for tea or wine. If you’re not quite sure how much value your date has, this is the perfect spot to find out. Nothing forces you to learn more about each other than sharing a couch, holding a tea cup. At the very least, you will at least learn early on how well he or she communicates by facing the sobering truth over tea.

8: Verlaine in Lower East Side

Reverse happy hour. Enough said. It won’t cost you more than $20 buck to figure out if she’s got staying power.

9: Moma – in Midtown

This is a great place to get to know each other in a very short amount of time. If you get bored with him here, then odds are he’s more of a sports bar type of guy. And that’s not a bad thing, if you’re also a sports bar kind of girl (or vice versa). Bottom line: if you both like the art, you have lots of potential. If you’re on separate planes, then at least you only lost the cost of admission.

10: Gotham Comedy Club

If he doesn’t make you laugh, at least the comics will. This Comedy Club always has the best entertainers in the country and the sporadic breaks will allow you ample time to see if you have anything in common.