Read this before you Move to NYC

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Read this before you Move to NYC

By Tamika Burgess

Moving from Southern California to New York City is a culture shock for even the most well-traveled people. Before I moved to the City, no one gave me any practical advice, like how to know which way is uptown when getting out of the subway downtown – where numbers don’t exist. Instead, all I heard was common sense like, “it’s cold there,” “it’s expensive,” or “you’re not going to like it.”

I’m still somewhat of a newbie, (which is the local vernacular for New New Yorker), but I am learning lessons about the city every day. Here is some of the advice I learned. If you’re planning on moving to New York City soon, this advice is hopefully more helpful than just grab a coat and walk fast.

Know Where You’re Going

Unless you plan to take a cab everywhere, New York City transportation can be confusing. For your own sanity, map out your destination before leaving home. I always figure out what subway(s) or bus I need to take. I also put the address in my cell phone so I can map my walking directions. Because there’s nothing worse than coming up from the subway and not knowing where to go. This also saves me time and I don’t draw unnecessary attention to myself by looking lost.

The Grocery Game, Inc

Be Prepared For the Weather

Being from California, scarves and hats were mostly worn as accessories. Once I moved here, I quickly learned those items can be a part of your everyday wardrobe. I wasn’t sure exactly what I needed to during the winter months so I asked a friend to go shopping with me. Getting help for someone that has experienced a New York City winter is the best way to go. My Friend helped me pick a heavy coat and taught me why layering my clothes is so important. She also helped me out with my footwear. Explaining why it was necessary to have rain boots, snow boots, and the correct walking shoes.

Always Have Cash

This is something that is still very new for me. I am so used to just using my debit card everywhere. But it’s important to have cash for cabs, street vendors, and certain places with debit card minimums.

Be Safe and Cautious

Moving to a new city can be scary. You don’t know what areas to stay away from or what areas become unsafe at night. As with anywhere you live you have to stay observant. When venturing into a new neighborhood I am attentive. At night I become a little more alert. If I am alone, I try to walk near groups of people. I don’t use my headphones and I keep my cell phone put away. I also keep my mace available, sometimes walking with it in my hand. Even though I feel my neighborhood is pretty safe, you never know. I would also recommend you have a cab company’s phone number stored in your cell phone just in case.

Some of the things people told me about New York City did end up being true. But the most important to do is enjoy it. NYC really is the “Big City of Dreams.”  It’s a fun place with plenty to do, but living here is what you make of it.

The main thing is to do what makes you comfortable and be smart about it. Once you get into a routine and find out what works best for you, you’ll fit in in no time.