NYC Dollar Store Prank (video)

212Access January 17, 2013 Comments Off on NYC Dollar Store Prank (video)

By Latasha Watson

New Yorkers expect to wait in line for everything. We have to wait patiently to buy our milk at the grocery store, or buy our tickets at the movie theater. But would you expect to see a line outside a NYC dollar store?

Some creative New Yorkers (with a little too-much time on their hands) decided to fool the neighbors into believing they were willing to wait through long lines just to get inside the dollar store. And what a site it was. Imagine watching one hundreds of New Yorkers camping outside of a discount store for sale. Even the owner of the Dollar Store was shocked by how many people were lined up to buy his .99 cent trinkets.

Many people from different areas of New York all came together to give one hopeful owner of a dollar store the best (if not the best), than one of the greatest pranks or I should say gift of increasing his store revenue.  Instead of giving big businesses their cash, these happy campers decided to do a good deed by shopping at local small business.

If I were walking by this scene, I probably would have joined the line because these people were convincing.  Watch the video to join in on the fun.