How do NYC Men Measure Up?

212Access August 22, 2012 Comments Off on How do NYC Men Measure Up?

By Desi Pavlova

New York City men approach women differently.

They know what to say, when to approach, how to get your attention. In the spring, men go in heat. It’s like mating season and you can see it in their eyes.

It’s different in the winter when men spend their entire time working and trying to make money. But when the warm weather rolls in between those skyscrapers, NYC guys want to have fun.

Just yesterday, four different guys sent me text messages within minutes, asking me out for dinner and drinks. Their messages were nearly identical.

“Are you still single?”

“Are you still alone?”

I hadn’t seen these guys in months and suddenly they want to all hang out? Did my name just pop up on their phone or did the warm weather remind them to reach out to me?

I’ve noticed New York City guys have different personalities based on the season. In winter, guys are aggressive and intense. In fall, they’re sweet and fun. In summer, they’re hot and sexy. And in they spring, New York City guys are plain horny. They just want sex.

The weather has an effect on men and shapes their mood. When it’s hot outside, men are looking for a partner, but when it’s cold outside, they want to be alone like a bear in hibernation. It’s like they sleep through the winter and wake up in the spring.

They wake up because they are hungry and horny.

New York City guys are a reflection of the city they live in. Every woman is impressed with the tall skyscrapers approaching the clouds. When I see a New York guy in a suit, I’m like wow. He takes my breath away. You can see his strength through the suit, just like you can see the power of New York through its buildings.

Friends always tell me that New York City is the loneliest and most selfish city in the world. New York City men are too.

NYC guys are single because they’re selfish in the way they want to live their life. They want to make money in business and they don’t have time to date. And when they finally make that money, they want the woman to work around their schedule.

Let’s compare NYC men to other men I have dated from other cities.

In LA, they’re carefree about money and it’s all about enjoying life, the beach and surfing. The LA guy doesn’t look for commitment, like the NYC guy, but unlike the New Yorker, the LA guy has all the time in the world.

In Miami, the guys want to party. They’re like a part-time boyfriend for a couple of days. Miami guys are all about the face, the body and the tan. They don’t care what is between the ears. They’re not looking for a brain, they want beauty. NYC guys want the brain and the beauty.

In Chicago, the men are like Eastern Europe. They’re cold, rough and they keep their emotions deep in their heart. They don’t care about romance and love. They go on dates for special occasions. Chicago men are fine with making money using their physical body, rather than their brains. In NYC, the guys learn quickly to make money with their brains, or they risk being exported to the suburbs.

Thinking about all these cities and all these guys, I am discovering I love New York City men more than others. New York guys give me confidence and they show me the good side of life. I see the perfect picture of a great husband with a man living in New York.

I read the New York Times daily and I will tell you that New York City men are like the New York Times. The Times gives us the Arts and Culture section, the Travel section, the Business section and the Style section. When you read a NYC guy, you quickly find that he can fit into many section of the Times. The stories he reveals are also worthy of Page Six.