Murray Hill Neighborhood

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Murray Hill Neighborhood

By Cedric Vanhamme

Murray Hill is like the Ellis Island of Manhattan. If you are new to New York and want to live in the City, this is is the first stop for you. It’s full of young people because the neighborhood is cheaper. The bars along 3rd Avenue are also a great draw to fresh graduates looking to experience the bars on a budget. Here’s a little more about the neighborhood, in case you are looking to learn.

Murray Hill is located in Midtown, and it is full of secrets. Third Avenue runs through the heart of Murray Hill, lined with popular nightlife spots and hip cafes spread out between pre-war buildings and blocks of brownstones.

The party never stops in Murray Hill. As well as the numerous cultural centers and ethnic food stores ensure you an international feel. All this makes the neighborhood having a much wider appeal than its common frat-boy-and-family-only reputation.

Murray Hill is most known for its bars, but you can also find the Scandinavian House, which is a popular institution for its children’s exhibit and film showings. Other very popular famed institutions are Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, that serves phenomenal porterhouse steak and much more, and JJ Hat Center, the New York’s oldest and one of the world’s most renowned hat shop.

The area is favorable for its prevalence of different types of housing: one bedroom, two bedrooms, brownstones, high rises and for the most affordable price (if you consider $2300 affordable for a studio apartment). The neighborhood is no longer considered a hidden gem. I

The boundaries of Murray Hill are 34th Street to 40th street between Madison and Third avenues.