MTA Art App – Explore City’s Art

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MTA Art App – Explore City’s Art

 By Stacy Liberatore

“Art does not solve problems, but makes us aware of their existence.”

~sculptor Magdalena Abakanowicz

New York City is full of art. Some of is more apparent, like the paintings found in our famous museums, while others is discernible on the street only to those living in the moment.

Now, the MTA has put together an app to help you identify art throughout the city. Yes, the MTA – as in the agency that runs our subways and tolls.

The MTA app is actually one of the best kept secrets, acting like your own personal tour guide to exquisite pieces throughout the subway and rail systems in New York.

Art inside the 14th Street and 8th Avenue Subway Stop – near the A, C, E line.

You have probably captured a glimpse of the bronze statues at the 14th & 8th avenue stop. What is it? What does it mean? Who created it? The MTA app answers those questions.

Tom Otterness is the creator of that sculptor and the MTA has strategically placed his creations for commuters to enjoy.  There’s an alligator rising out of the sewer to devour a man and a little man sitting on a bench hold a bag of money (see picture at the left).  These pieces are without a doubt humorous and are guaranteed to ease your mood while traveling through the subway.

Move uptown to Time Sqare to feast your eyes on colorful, offbeat glazed ceramic panels, created by Toby Buonagurio who is a native to the city.  His sculpture in Times Square is titled, 35 Times” comprised of 35 unique, one of a kind sculptural ceramic reliefs created by the artist over five years that reflect exactly what you see, the colorful, offbeat world of New York City.

The app finds artwork listed by the line or by the artist; it provides turn-by-turn directions, so it’s impossible to get lost, unless you’re one of those people who has a hard time finding their way out of paper bag, then no matter how simple the directions are you will end up in New Jersey.

The app introduces you to hundreds of pieces of art on your phone.

So the next time you are on the subway, bored and staring at a person’s armpit on the train, download the MTA art app and get educated on the art you pass everyday.

You can download the free MTA art app by clicking here.