Most Romantic Spots in NYC

212Access August 22, 2012 2

New York City is one of the most romantic cities in the world, but with so many choices, it’s sometimes difficult to find the mood. Here is a researched, tried and experienced list of the Top-10 Most Romantic Places in New York City as told through the eyes of a single woman, looking to be romanced.

1. Pier 1 Café– This is a hidden spot on the West Side Pier near 70th Street and Riverside Drive. There are no signs, or websites directing you to this spot which makes it that much more romantic. Imagine watching a sunset on the Pier with a beer or wine in your hand, lounging on comfortable chairs, watching the sail boats float by. That is what you will experience at Pier 1 Café. It’s a hidden gem that only Upper West Siders seem to frequent. Does your significant other have a hardened heart? This spot will soften it at sunset.

2. Central Park – There is a reason why Central Park is a romantic rendezvous destination. It has everything – picnics on the North Meadow, carriage rides, lunch at the Boathouse, ducks by the pond, Shakespeare in the Park, views from an ancient castle. Despite the throngs of tourists, Central Park also offers privacy if you walk off the beaten-path. Another idea: take a walk across Bow Bridge. The path opens to some of the best views of the city at the northern end of the Lake.

3. Brooklyn Bridge – There is something that moves you as you walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and take in Lower Manhattan from a distance. It’s almost magical. Most guys might find a stroll across a bridge boring, but there is something about the Brooklyn Bridge that awakens your senses. If it doesn’t sound like a guy’s idea of romance, it’s okay. Grab a water bottle and throw vodka in it. By the time you reach the other end of the bridge, you will be completely in the mood, especially if your stroll is at sunset.

4. Empire State Building – Even jaded New Yorkers will be impressed with the breathtaking views at sunset. On a clear day, you can see 80 miles away while at night it’s the perfect place to gaze at the glowing city below. Hollywood classics like An Affair to Remember and Sleepless in Seattle were filmed here and you can almost hear their famous lines when you close your eyes, “If you’re ever in need of anything, like someone to love you, don’t hesitate to call me.” If you aren’t a romantic at heart, then do a quick google on famous movie lines and try reciting them to her from memory. At the very least, it will make her laugh and we all know based on profiles that women want a guy who can make them laugh.

5. Metropolitan Museum of Art – From artifacts dating back to Ancient Rome to modern art to Monet paintings, the MET will engage your minds and bring you closer together via your thoughts. If you need an escape from the art (and thinking), try the Balcony Bar, overlooking the Great Hall. From May until late fall, you can head upstairs to the rooftop bar and enjoy a drink together.

6. One if By Land, Two if By Sea – This restaurant has won the title of “Most Romantic Restaurant in NYC” by many critics. In the winter, you can dine next to a crackling fireplace while music from a baby grand piano plays softly in the air. But be warned – romance will cost you here. Is she worth it? If you bring her here, you’re proving she is. This restaurant will make any woman feel like she is Cinderella.

7. Lincoln Center –Live dance, orchestra or opera performances will ignite romance in even the most jaded of relationships. The acoustics throughout Lincoln Center can’t be compared to any other ballet in the country, which makes it even more special. And at intermission, the views overlooking the glowing water fountain will make you realize you really are at the center of romance. Most women love getting dressed up for date night and here is your opportunity to put on the tux and gown and show-off the style you know you have.

8. New York City’s Waterways –NYC has the most breathtaking views, but it’s better from the water. There are many private yachts and boats that will take you around the island for your pleasure. The Twilight Cruise provides 90 minutes of 360-degree scenic views bliss at an affordable price. It promises to deliver a romantic and unbelievable view you will never forget.

9. Tiffany’s – This romantic trip is all about her. What woman doesn’t want to try on a Tiffany’s bracelet or pendant? If you really want romance, buy her something on the spot and watch her reaction. If you don’t have a million bucks, it’s okay. Tell her a story about how you will one day buy her that bracelet she adores, but you’re saving it for a special occasion.

10 Rockefeller Center – Ice skating, romantic views from “Top of the Rock,” wine bars, art galleries, art, restaurants. It’s all here inside this mini-city inside a city. If you’re a local, you might not appreciate it but for everyone else, this is a must-stop for romance.