Love the Game, Love the Player

212Access August 22, 2012 1

By Desi Pavlova

It is a beautiful day in New York City and I am meeting one of my girls for coffee, right in the heart of Manhattan, next to Macys. We hadn’t even ordered our Macchiato and Lattes before she started talking about hockey.

‘Hockey? I don’t know anything about hockey. Why would we want to go watch hockey?” I asked.

“There will be guys there,” she responded.

My girlfriend didn’t want to watch the game or support a team. She’s not passionate about sports. She’s passionate about guys and sports is a means to her end.

My girls and I spend hundreds of dollars every summer to watch the US Open. Now that is a sport to watch. Boys in shorts, ripped arms, flexing their muscles. How can you not love Tennis? I love Tennis. I’d marry any tennis player tomorrow without even thinking about it.

Of course, I don’t know how to play tennis, but I would learn how to play the game for my boy. I would watch tennis with him and learn his favorite player’s stats. I’d go to tennis lessons with my boy to better my game. I’d be his biggest cheerleader.

I didn’t grow up watching or playing sports. In Bulgaria, it’s different. It’s not like it is here in New York where there are sports for every person – basketball, football, tennis table, bowling, baseball, even girls’ basketball.

I recently dated a guy with passion for Jui Jitsu. When he first said the sports, it sounded like a sneeze.

“What sport is that?” I asked.

He explained it and a month later, I still didn’t understand the competition. But I supported him. I went to his practice and watched him. I learned the rules. I cheered when he got a point and I hugged him when the match was over – win or lose.

My life became all about Jui Jitsu for several months. I even began explaining it to my girls who didn’t seem to understand the rules or purpose of the game.

Then we broke up and I lost interest.

Two years ago I went out with a typical American boy who was a die-hard baseball fan. He practically wore his Yankees cap to bed.

I think baseball is the most boring sport, but in this relationship, I learned how to love the game. I fell in love with Jeter and rooted for him like he was my boy. I bought his #2 jersey and wore it to the bars. I even learned some Yankees history. Babe Ruth became more than a candy bar.

All of these sports got me thinking – there is a sport for every person in this world. If a girl from Bulgaria can learn how to love baseball, tennis even Jui Jitsu, than anyone can learn to love the game.

My girls remind me of a popular American saying, “Love the game, hate the player.”

I think I am learning to love the game and love the player. What woman doesn’t want to love a boy who spends all day working on his body, getting tight abs, building strong arms and muscular legs.

Now that we are heading into a new season, it’s time to find a new player, so I can learn to love a new game.