Is it really better to know the ending before the beginning?

Scott Hyatt August 22, 2013 Comments Off on Is it really better to know the ending before the beginning?
Is it really better to know the ending before the beginning?

By Scott Hyatt

I walked by a psychic today and took a peak through her open window. I think she was expecting me because she looked right back at me and smiled.

Have you ever noticed how most psychics never smile? Watch their tv commercials or look at their ads in Time Out Magazine. They always have a pensive look that seems to carry the weight of the world.

I guess it makes sense. If they really do know the future of the world, I’d be a little pensive too. There’s a reason why ignorance is bliss.

What you don’t know will never hurt your emotions and if you ever doubt that, talk to any 5 year old after eating ice cream.

I’m just like everyone else in this world. I wonder about my future. And this day was no different. I’m a sucker for a smile so I walked inside.

The psychic was very inviting.

Men In Cities

“Hi. How are you?” I asked.

“I’m good.”

If she was having a bad day I wanted to return another day. It was sunny outside – no clouds- so I assumed she would have less interference with her work.

“Have a seat Son.”

Very maternal.

There was an awkward silence between us as I bumped into the wall while moving the chair to sit down.

I wasn’t sure if this is where we started bartering.

“I’m wondering what your price structure is.”

She laughed.

Maybe she has different prices based on how complicated your reading was. I figured I had a pretty complex reading so it would cost me a fortune. My life was a mess right now.

“Don’t worry about money. It will come to you,” she said with a reassuring smile.

“I think it would be more accurate to say it will come to you today,” I said.

She got my sense of humor because she laughed. That’s a good thing. It made me believe she understood me.

“You have a good soul,” she said.

I hoped this wasn’t part of my paid reading. I stayed quiet hoping for a more descriptive reading. I was technically on the clock. I didn’t want to waste my own session with something I knew.

“I feel a lot of tension in the air. Tell me what is bothering you,” she said.

I wanted to crack a joke.

“Uh, shouldn’t you already know that?”

But I figured she hears that all the time.

“Bothering me? I have a lot on my mind right now.”

“I can sense that. I see green all over you,” she said. “Do you know why green radiates from a person?”

She paused and took a sip of her tea.

It was a dramatic moment.

“No I don’t know.”

She put her cup of tea on the table. My reading continued with no gigantic revelations, other than I come across as Kermit the frog.

Our reading ended like it began.

With questions.

But that is what makes life so exciting. We may want to know the answers immediately but wouldn’t that take the fun out of everything?

Imagine if we knew the final score of a game before it began. It wouldn’t have any climax.

And so it is with life.

Maybe there was some insight to her reading, which is why she predicted I will be back in 2 weeks.