Hyper Secret Brazilian Party

212Access October 15, 2012 Comments Off on Hyper Secret Brazilian Party

By Desiree Hamuche

Brazilians have a reputation for knowing how to party and for good reason. When we work, we work hard and when we play, we play harder. It’s a carnival-like atmosphere for us, complete with samba, caipirinhas, exotic women and charming guys. Now, you can experience a slice of this Brazilian life in New York City.

Farofa is a hyper, VIP, secret spot that Brazilians and Americans are flocking to on Sunday nights. You won’t see any advertisements for this downtown nightclub. People who go to Farofa hear about it by word-of-mouth. Even, celebrities are stopping by.

My night at Farofa

I’ve been going to Farofa on Sunday nights for several months and in those few nights, I have seen the Jonas Brothers, Marc Anthony and my all-time favorite, Leonardo DiCaprio.

I even went up to Leonardo DiCraprio and had a conversation with him. My girlfriend and I saw Leonardo and Marc Anthony together in the middle of the club at their own VIP table. They were accessible and friendly when we approached them. We asked Leonardo if we could take a picture of him. In a nice way, he said, “I wish I could but I’m not allowed to take pictures.” I never thought I would be partying next to celebrities, but at Farofa, it happens.

Farofa is famous for attracting models, like the Victoria Secret Angels and other famous Brazilian models. If you want to get past the tight door, put on your best clothes, but it will be easier if you know somebody, like the doorman or hostess.

Farofa is deceiving from the outside. You won’t see a line outside of the club, but once you go inside, it’s a place for royalty.  The prices are also fit for Kings. A bottle of water costs $10 dollars and $6000 dollars for a bottle of champagne. I have some friends who spent over $5000 for one VIP table. The security inside is also strict. You can’t record videos more than 30 seconds and even if your feet are killing you from the hours of dancing, women can’t take off their high heels.

Farofa has been around for almost three years and belongs to a Brazilian, Bruno Gusmao, and his American partners.

I need to be honest on one more thing. Once that you go to Farofa, you will want to go every Sunday night. It’s like an addiction because it makes you feel so good on Sunday night. But just remember, it can also lead to one of your worst Mondays ever.

Farofa opens its doors at 10pm and is still going strong past 2am. Farofa is inside the Darby at 244 West 14th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues.