Hot Spin Instructors – Why We Love Them

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Hot Spin Instructors – Why We Love Them

By Scott Hyatt

I think I am in love with my spin instructor and I don’t think I’m alone. It’s easy to fall in love with those spin instructors. They have the best bodies, they’re confident and they’re reaching us when we are most vulnerable. It’s like they can reach into our subconscious and plant thoughts of lust into our minds without us knowing.

Of course, I don’t like how my spin instructor tries to boss me around in class.

“Work harder.”

“Don’t embarrass yourself. Push harder.”

“I know you can do more.”

One of my favorite Equinox spin instructors is a perky blonde with a great voice that fluctuates with her level of intensity. I was close to asking her out one day after class when it hit me. I don’t like this woman. I like the idea of how she makes me feel. My attraction stems from the pheromones she ignites in class, usually around mile four.

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I take about 4 or 5 spin classes a week. Over the course of my classes, I’ve discovered there are different personalities for different spin classes.  There is the Drill Sergeant who tries to boss you around and the flirtatious spin instructor who tries to seduce you into working harder. We also have the actor who keeps you entertained on the bike with his performance. And then, there is the laid back spin instructor who is just happy you showed up.

I think I’ve discovered why most of us have our favorite spin instructors. They ignite something within us that makes us feel good. Here is my assessment on why we love some spin instructors over others and what it reveals about our desire for the opposite sex.

The Bossy Spin Instructor – This is the spin instructor who runs her class like an Army bootcamp. She yells at you, and tells you to not embarrass yourself around your neighbor. It’s easy to fall for this instructor because there is something sexy about an empowering woman. We like this spin instructor because she (or he) really does push us to do more and in New York City. Isn’t that what we are all striving for? Perfection.

The Actor Spin Instructor – This is the charismatic spin instructor who performs in front of the class. At the Equinox on Park Avenue, there is a male spin instructor  who makes me laugh (in a good way) every time I take his class. He is having so much fun on that stage. He is laughing, dancing on the bike, waving his hand. You never get bored with the actor spin instructor, but you might not work as hard in the process.

The Sexy Spin Instructor – Oh, I love these instructors. They are the ones who seduce you into going that extra mile. Sometimes they make you feel guilty, by reminding you in mile 6 that you will be “naked” in a few more weeks. Really? Naked? I want to go to your beach. They’re also flirtatious by nature. It’s easy to think this instructor is speaking directly to you, but as I’ve learned, they’re flirting with everyone. My favorite line from this instructor came on Monday night when she told me, “Baby come with me.” I promise she said that and I am not embellishing. I’ll be there next week on bike one.

The Relaxed Spin Instructor – This is the casual spin instructor who is just happy you showed up. They don’t push you because they want you to come back. If you have a thing for this instructor, you are probably happy with mediocrity.

So the next time you get the urge to ask out your spin instructor, just remember. You’re not alone.