Goodbye NYC

212Access August 22, 2012 Comments Off on Goodbye NYC

By Desi Pavlova

Dear New York,

With tears in my eyes I have to say goodbye. We had a great time together but now I need a change. I am still young and pretty and I need to experience new things in life. I will never forget our great dinners on Madison Avenue, night walks along the West Side pier, and afternoon strolls in Central Park.

For five years, we had a great relationship but it is time for a break.

I still like your American style and way of life, but Europe is calling me. I can hear you now.

“Europe? Why Europe? Is it the Italian guys or the Spanish wine?”

No, it’s not darling. You have everything to make one woman happy.

You were always great to me, you taught me how to love, laugh and live. You taught me how to have fun, how to be independent, strong, and sexy. But I must try something new.

Europe is giving me what I need right now. It’s giving me a sweet proposal to find myself and to do what I like. I want to try a different taste of guys, culture and music. Europe gives me a different way of life, something you can’t give me right now.

I’ve always had these feelings for Europe – I just never said it outloud. I felt like I was cheating on you with a secret relationship, even though I never betrayed you. I chose to stay with you, despite my inner conflict.

My friends are on your side. They love you.

“Why are you leaving him? He is so much fun and treats you so well.”

But they don’t know what you and I know. I still love you, but I must do this for myself.

Please forgive me.