NYC Fashion Tips for Clueless Men

212Access December 6, 2012 Comments Off on NYC Fashion Tips for Clueless Men

By: Jacquelyn Di Michelo

It’s a sad fact, but we all judge people by the way they look. You might not be able to do anything about your height or eyes, but a little fashion sense can push an average looking guy from a 6 to an 8 on the attractive scale.

Fashion is an expression of your character and how you dress gives women insight into your personality. Women don’t want a rival fashionista, but we do notice how a guy puts himself together, especially in NYC where image shapes minds.

Here are my six worst fashion Faux Pas for men. These are probably the first things women notice on men, so if you avoid these, you are in good company with women.


The belt and shoes should always match. You would be surprised how man guys wear a brown belt with black shoes. It might not seem noticeable to you, but women look at this. We also look at how clean your shoes are. Are they polished or scraped and dirty? You don’t need to buy the latest trend in shoes because trendy is subjective. What is cool in Brookyln may not be cool in Manhattan. But a clean, polished pair of shoes is universal, regardless of borough.


Just like any article of clothing, hair is another accessory in the eyes of women.  AVOID hair trends. For woman hair trends are important because it changes her face and gives her a new exciting look. For men it’s the opposite. Seasonal hair trends like the fo-hawk, blow out, or frosted tips, fade quickly and usually in less time than it takes for a man’s hair to go back to normal. Women don’t like followers, so don’t try to copy Justin Bieber’s haircut. Hair must fit your face and long or short hair, regardless of style or trends, needs to compliment you.


Slim fit jeans are for women to show off their curves. Men wearing tight pants is only going to distract woman from the main event. Women don’t care to see the outline of your package. It’s not like cleavage to us – if we want to go there we will. Pants should also follow your body type but sticking with a regular straight leg that touches your shoes is all you need.  If you want to buy something out of the box and exciting change the color but don’t mess with the style.  And for the very few men who still don’t know: the waist should never fall below your crack or above your belly button.


Never wear more than one visible brand. For example wearing a Gucci belt and Louis Vutton shoes is an absolute NO. Looking like an billboard will only advertise that you are cocky, shallow, and a highlight your lack of style.


Casual guys are sexy. Any guy can put on a suite and look sexy.  When you can pull off your casual wear and look sexy you have mastered fashion. Even if your hair is messy, your beard is a little grown out and you’re wearing sweat pants, you must always maintain the rest of your appearance. And make sure you always have a neck trim and eye brows to match because no matter how sexy scruff is, bushy, untrimmed eyebrows are not.


Shirt size is extremely important. It portrays the entire look of an outfit. A tight shirt doesn’t always show off your muscles if you’re overweight. Thin men who wear bigger shirts give the illusion that they are even smaller in size. It makes you look smaller because you look like your tiny head is swimming in an oversized shirt. Likewise, over- sized clothes rarely work in your favor. And most important, don’t buy clothes just because you see it in fashion magazines. Wear something that you feel comfortable in because the most attractive man is always the guy who is most comfortable in his own skin.