Fashion is an Expression

212Access August 21, 2011 2

Why Fashion is an Expression of your Soul

It’s time to go shopping because fall has arrived.

Just like the leaves change colors and a cool breeze circles the air, fashion in New York City changes right before our eyes. And for women, it turns ordinary 7th Avenue into a fashion runway.

New York City women don’t walk behind anyone. Most of us want to be first when it comes to style, which is probably why you rarely see two women wearing the same dress on the subway. Just today, in only 2-quick streets, I saw women wearing florals, pencil skirts, polka dots and lace and their colors were just as diverse as their clothing cuts. You don’t see this flamboyant fashion in other cities, especially where I’m from.

I don’t want to dis my hometown, but there is little fashion creativity on Staten Island. I think this is because most Staten Islanders are afraid to express themselves via their clothes, perhaps out of fear of ridicule. And it’s obvious everywhere you look, especially at the Staten Island Mall. (Even the name of the mall isn’t creative).

The Louis Vuitton bag is the perfect example. It’s the bag that every Staten Islander wants to carry, but it’s now at the point where the bag blends into the crowd. There’s nothing unique or special about it anymore, which is probably why you rarely see real New Yorkers carrying one.

And it’s like this in other cities, not just my borough. People want to be fashion followers rather than fashion leaders. Everyone wants to fit in and be cool. No one wants to be the outcast. Isn’t fashion about expression?

New Yorkers aren’t afraid to take fashion risks. They don’t want to be seen on the subway wearing the same skirt or tie as the person next to them. It’s an insult. Individuality is a complement, which is something I’m beginning to learn.

I’m beginning to think life doesn’t change after junior high when girls wear the same clothes to fit in. They all want to have the same look to fit in with the popular crowd. I think it’s time we start acting like the older classmen and quit caring about what people think of our clothes.

Remember this tomorrow morning when you’re trying to figure out what to wear.

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