Fascinating Brooklyn Bridge

Sarah George August 21, 2012 Comments Off on Fascinating Brooklyn Bridge

What is so fascinating about the Brooklyn Bridge ?

The Brooklyn Bridge is a crucial piece to New York’s famous skyline. You’ve seen it in the movies, read about it in city guides and probably stared at it in photographs. But here’s a story behind the story of the Brooklyn Bridge.

The Brooklyn Bridge is a story of passion and a German family’s dream to finish a project that not even death and paralysis could stop.

The Brooklyn Bridge was designed by Johann August Roebling, but he never had the chance to see his finished masterpiece. He died from an infection he got while working on the Brooklyn Bridge. His son picked up on the project where his father left off, but he had to quit the project after he became paralyzed from a battle with decompression sickness. He ended up watching the bridge’s final construction from his Brooklyn Heights’ apartment, using a telescope.

But it took a woman to finish the job that two men started. If it weren’t for Emily Warren Roebling, mother and wife, you wouldn’t be able to cross the bridge. She stepped in to finish her family project and she managed to stay safe until the end. The City of New York was so impressed with her dedication to the project that it let Emily Warren Roebling become the first “official” person to cross the Brooklyn Bridge.

Let’s now take our own walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. When you look out at the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan, City Hall is behind you and nearly 1600 feet of steel stands in front of you, spanning the entire East River.

From a different point of view, the Brooklyn Bridge is the one place in the world where humans, planes, cars, boats, and trains all intersect. Ready. Steady. Stay focus. First, there are the subway trains that go under water, then the boats that float under the bridge, the 6-lanes car highway surmount them, topped by pedestrians and bicycles, and eventually the planes flying above. Crowded place, isn’t it?

Another fun fact, did you know there are nuclear bunkers hidden inside the Brooklyn Bridge’s base? They were built during the Cold War. No one knows for whom they were designed, which increases the mystery.

One last thing before you step onto the bridge. There is an overwhelming feeling that strikes you as soon as you walk past the first tower on the Brooklyn Bridge and discover the skyscraper landscape. At this point, you realize why not only foreigners but especially New Yorkers are madly in love with this bridge. I must know, I felt it for the first time when I walked across it. It’s a moment when you realize New York is at your feet.

Now you’re warned, you can go and make yourself breathtaking memories.