Famous Mad Men Locations

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Famous Mad Men Locations

Famous Mad Men Shoot Locations

By Cedric Vanhamme

If you’re a fan of Mad Men, here are some famous Manhattan locations that became popular on the show. You might have to wait until 2014 to see new episodes of Mad Men, but perhaps these New York City spots will help you relive the show during the off season.

Swimsuits Direct The Pierre Hotel on 2 East 61th Street

At the end of the third season the new agency called Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce is formed. Before it moved into its new permanent home, it used The Pierre Hotel’s room number 435 as a headquarters.

Stork Club on 3 East 53rd Street

In the second season, Jimmy Barrett invites Don Draper and his wife Betty to a party celebrating the deal for his TV show. It is in this club Jimmy reveals to Betty that Don is having an affair with Barrett’s wife.

The Roosevelt Hotel on 45 East 45th Street

You surely remember the moment when Don Draper is threw out of the house by his wife Betty where they share their two children. After that he lived in The Roosevelt Hotel for a few episodes during season 2.

The Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant on 89 East 42nd Street in Lower Concourse

Roger Sterling would never forget this oyster bar & restaurant. After a lunch and became drunk as a skunk, one of his most embarrassing moments became a fact: he returned to the office and vomited his food in front of clients. So, if you go to that place, be careful with the oysters and the drinking.

Don Draper’s Greenwich Village apartment at 104 Waverly Place

The location of Draper’s apartment is right off Washington Square Park that is seen in season 4.