EDM Parties in NYC

Jane Pritchard August 28, 2012 Comments Off on EDM Parties in NYC

NYC and the EDM Revolution:

A Conversation with Edward Fancher, founder of EDMLounge.com


There is a revolution happening.

Electronic Dance Music, or EDM to its fans, is changing the world of music by ushering in a modern era of high-tech light shows, elaborate sets and digital sounds that will blow your mind.

Although EDM is a global movement, much of the action takes place right here in New York City. It even inspired one young New Yorker to launch a website from his Lower East Side apartment to keep the online rave community connected.

Edward Fancher is a 19-year old, straight-A student at NYU’s prestigious Stern School of Business. He’s also the face behind www.EDMLounge.com, which keeps EDM fans and its 35,000 Twitter followers up to speed on the EDM movement.

An Arizona native turned New Yorker, Fancher has been a long-time lover of EDM. He decided to start EDMLounge when he moved to the City because he wanted to see E.D.M. events listed in one place.

Word of his website quickly spread in the social media world.

“The rave community is done mostly through Facebook at this point in time since it’s discreet to post events on Facebook,” Fancher told 212Access. “I’m not completely surprised that we’ve been successful at finding our audience on the web.  Most of the fans are young and either tweet or use Facebook so we can feed them the info how they want it.”

So what should you expect if you take the plunge and attend a NYC rave? Like all genres of music, EDM has its own attitude and environment. Big EDM Festivals pop up in the news and receive negative press now and then. Some criticize the movement for partying too hard, but Fancher insists that the EDM experience can be overwhelmingly positive. He also says they are a friendly crowd.

“EDM has always been about letting go and just dancing, not worrying about what others are doing,” he said. “Obviously dance music sets a tone for partying but there’s much more to it than that, it’s about everyone losing their inhibitions and going crazy, but together. Even at the big festivals you all feel sort of together and no one’s judging.”

The movement, like EDMLounge, has been gaining supporters and momentum, attracting a wide variety of people from young college kids to outgoing adults.

It seems the future of EDM is just as bright as one of its shows. “Event companies like insomniac (EDC, nocturnal, electric forest) make me more confident that these events on a larger profitability scale can not only still be true to the movement but also amazing spectacles, something that’s never been done before,” says Fancher. And he’s dead on. The international EDM music scene is worth an estimated $4 billion each year according to the IMS Business Report.

But EDM’s move from underground to mainstream won’t come without some apprehension on the part of its adherents. “It means a lot to me right now, I just don’t want to see it corrupted by the mainstream. A lot of people think that the scene is just new but that’s only because it’s coming to the attention of the mainstream now. It’s been around a while and it would be a shame to see the tenets of the movement corrupted.”  Those tenets, well articulated on Twitter as #PLUR, stand for peace, love, unity, and respect.

The EDM scene is definitely an experience to check out. NYC hosts some of the biggest annual festivals. Whatever you decide to check out, make sure you head to EDMLounge.com to do your research first!

Some of his top NYC venue and event picks include:

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