Crazy Craigslist Posts

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Crazy Craigslist Posts

Real Craigslist Posts

If you need a little bit of entertainment at work, check out the Craigslist posts under “rants and raves.” They are hysterical. Do these people really exist or is someone wasting all of his creative energy without any profit. At least at 212Access, we are trying to exploit it for our own enjoyment.

We also did the dirty work and culled only from the best posts. We’ll continue to add new posts at the top of this page as we come across them.



Why is it hard to find the right person??? (westchester county)

Date: 2011-03-23, 7:25PM EDT

Ok so I have tried online dating before in hope I’ll find someone to get in a relationship with and so far I haven’t found anyone who I thought would be suitable to enough to date and/or get in a relationship with. I’m shy and I live in a small town so I don’t know how or where I can meet someone in real life. Recently I talked to this guy online who I thought was a nice guy and was my type for around 2 or 3 week it turns out that he’s a jerk and decided to no longer speak to him. I now talking to another who is possible not over his ex girlfriend so he wants to be friends and see where it goes. I beginning to think that online dating isn’t worth it at all. Can anyone please give me some tips on how I can go out and meet men? Thanks!!

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OIL Traders (TRAITORS) (Financial District)

Date: 2011-03-23, 6:58PM EDT

To all oil speculators and traders YOU ARE DESTROYING the ECONOMY all for your GREED for profit based on rumor.
The nations people would like to really do something such as take all of you and put you in prison for monopolistic price setting that has little to due with supply and demand.The economic recovery will not take place if people are forced to pay more than $2.70 for a gallon of gas
many millions of people will stop buying anything except for basic necessities I am one of them
there are 18,000,000 out of work and you speculators have the gull to raise the price of oil it only takes $20.00 or so to pump it out of the ground
OIL Traders are unpatriotic traders are destroying jobs, causing starvation, crippling our economy with unwarranted price increases why is it Venezualans and Saudi’s only pay less than 50 cents for a galllon of gas why does all oil in the U.S. have to be on the commodities market The world did not trade oil as a commodity until the early 1980’s and since then oil speculation has ruined the U.S. economyThe speculation of oil based on rumors and farts from the mid east and really made up untrue facts is criminal the only thing that the price of barrel of should be based on is supply and demand to be more realistic

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