Best Places to Kiss in NYC

212Access August 22, 2012 2

New York City is one of the most romantic cities in the world. The skylines, water, dimly lit streets, Central Park – the list goes on and on. But with Valentine’s Day here, 212Access thought we would put together a Top-10 list of the best places to kiss. If Valentine’s Day passes and you didn’t get a chance to check out this list, it’s okay. These romantic hot spots are good year round.

1) Central Park Boathouse:The boathouse is undoubtedly the best place in the City to steal a kiss. You’re isolated, no one can hear your conversations on the water and you are surrounded by beautiful trees.

2) Inside or Outside Grand Central Station (42nd and Park).  There is a reason why romance movies love shooting scenes in Grand Central Terminal. It reeks of love and heart breaks – a perfect combination for kisses. The history inside will take you back to the roaring twenties. The lights outside in the middle of the night will make your heart feel like it is 16 years old when everything on a woman’s body was new. The best place to kiss is probably on 42nd Street, under the bridge on Park Avenue or in the middle of Grand Central Terminal by the clock.

3) The Promenade in Brooklyn Heights: There are park benches throughout the Promenade and it’s private enough that you can kiss in public without feeling like a horny teenager. At night, the skyline will seduce you and the sunset will warm you up regardless of the time of year you are visiting it. There are also beautiful brownstones in the neighboring streets that make you feel like you are back in another century.

4) The Castle at Central Park: You won’t have privacy at the Castle in Central Park, but if you time your kiss just right, you might be able to share a romantic kiss when no one is looking. The castle is filled with tourists and kids, so be respectful of others.

5) Riverside Park: Forget Central Park. Head west and walk through Riverside Park for your romantic kiss. There are plenty of private benches to give you privacy. If it’s in the summer, bring a blanket, wine and fruit and sit on the grass for your private make-out session.

6) Empire State Building: I know this place is not creative, but there is a reason why all of the famous love stories use the Empire State Building as a backdrop. It’s because it really is romantic, standing next to the stars and looking down on a city that stops for no one. The view at sunset or even after dark is a bit humbling, giving you an appreciation for the love in your life.

7) The steps of Lincoln Center after 10pm: Lincoln Center becomes desolate at night, but it is still safe and lit with the security guards roaming the area. Sit on a step or head to the fountain and take a minute to steal the kiss when your partner isn’t expecting it.

8) Anywhere in the Rain: Why do New Yorkers run when it starts to rain? If you’re with your girl or guy, stop in the rain and make-out. It’s extremely exhilarating feeling the drops of rain melt into your lover’s mouth.

9) Gantry State Park in Long Island City: Okay, we are venturing away from our 212 theme, but this park is the showcase for the romantic 212 landscape. Sometimes you need to leave the forest to appreciate the trees, and that is exactly what you feel as you venture into Long Island City to kiss in what will make you feel like a movie scene.

10) Fat Baby in the Lower East Side (112 Rivington) – There are more nightclubs and bars in NYC than anyone could ever name, but this place sticks out because it is always filled with energetic, highly sexually charged, guys and girls. You start dancing here after a few of their strong cocktails, and the moment can take you or your partner back to a time of your youth. If you are already young, it will create a memory that will be embedded into your memory forever.