Best Places for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

212Access November 21, 2013 2

By: Kevin O’Bryan

The country’s biggest parade, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, is about to make Midtown Manhattan a lot harder to navigate. Roughly 3.5 million people will line the parade, all trying to find the best place to watch the parade.

If you’re looking for a secret on where to stand – sorry – no one can deliver that information, not even 212Access with its secret access to NYC. However, we can give you some tips on how to increase your chances for grabbing a spot along the route and information on what time you should arrive.

Here is some of the most important information you need to know for the November 22nd, 2012 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.


How Early Should You Arrive for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade?

The parade starts at 9am. If you want to grab a spot along the route, crowds start gathering as early as 6am. By 7am, most of the spots along the route are already taken. So if you want to ensure a spot, get there by 6pm. If you like to gamble with the baby’s milk, then shoot for 6:45am.


Where is the best spot to see Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade?

It’s never a good idea to try to see the parade near Macy’s. This is the finale and where the concerts play for television. The camera crew and trucks will take up a lot of space and the VIP bleacher section also will keep from far from the action. You will have more luck getting a spot on the street farther uptown – where the parade starts.


Where does Macy’s Parade start?

The parade starts on 76th Street and Central Park West. It turns on 59th Street and heads East towards 6th Avenue. Then the parade heads south all the way to 34th Street. It ends in Macy’s Herald Square on Broadway and 34th Street.


What should you bring to the parade?

Bring blankets, folding chairs, water, and even snacks. The weather is expected to be in the 50s on Thursday but when you are standing in one location, it is easy to get cold, especially if there is any draft coming between the canyons.


I have to go to the bathroom.

Do what every other New Yorker does. Walk into a nearby restaurant or Starbucks and buy a coffee or drink. And if you need to find a good bathroom, while visiting the City, click here to find the Top-10 bathrooms in NYC. Or click here to read about an app that will help you find the closest bathroom near you in NYC.