Best NYC Bars for Guys to Meet Girls

212Access August 3, 2016 Comments Off on Best NYC Bars for Guys to Meet Girls

By Juliette Marjieh

How would you like to go to a bar where close to 70 percent of the patrons are women?

Weepo – the first and only app that lets you see who will be at a club or bar before you even show up – recently analyzed its raw data looking for the bars and clubs with the most women.

They found that The Iron Horse in the Financial District had the best girl-to-guy ratio.  Roughly 68 percent of singles who checked in were women. Other bars with great girl-to-guy ratios include Down the Hatch in the West Village where 65 percent of the patrons who checked in were women.

Joshua Tree in Murray Hill, Tonic in the East Village and Wicked Willies in the Village rounded out the top five best bars that had the most women.

The sample involved more than 35,000 users.

It’s difficult for most guys to walk up to a pretty woman and strike up a conversation.

Weepo helps guys who have trouble approaching random women at the bar. It lets users check-in to a bar or club they will be going to later in the evening. If you connect with a woman on the app, it lets you privately message each other.

Or for those already at the bar, you can surf through the users who have checked in and if you both connect, you can find each other in person.

Roy Lugasi created Weepo after he got tired of going to the same bars and clubs and only seeing guys. He is a former nightclub promoter and thought there had to be a better way to meet women.

“When you match with a girl on Tinder, you do not know where she is or what she is doing,” Lugasi said, “In New York, you have to find the time to meet, adding even more obstacles to meeting a person. With Weepo, you can both connect and meet later that evening at the spot you’re already going to.”

And if you’re up for a more wild night, Weepo also has the clubs with the best girl-to-guy ratio. They are:

  1. PHD: 68 percent are women
  2. Avenue: 65 percent
  3. Marquee: 62 percent
  4. 1 Oak: 60 percent
  5. Top of the Standard: 53 percent

You can download Weepo for free on the App Store and in two weeks, it will be on Google Play.