Best Live Music Venues in Brooklyn

212Access December 19, 2012 Comments Off on Best Live Music Venues in Brooklyn

By: Latasha Watson

Sure, the biggest music artists flock to Manhattan when it comes to concert venues, but if you’re looking for the next generation of artists, Brooklyn is the place to be.

In Brooklyn, the music is more pure, the energy more raw. I love music and can proudly say I have been to nearly every live venue in Brooklyn. If you’re a lover of live music, here are the Top-5 places to hear your favorite underground band that has yet to be discovered.

Music Hall of Williamsburg: This golden place is not just another place where you can just stand looking forward listening to the artist, but a place where reality seems like a realistic dream.  Let me explain my questionable metaphor. When you enter this venue the staff is very helpful and friendly. The setting will make you feel as if you are on a perfect date; the venue space and stage brings an intimate vibe between fans and the artist(s). Once the artist enters the stage, their appearance seems so close as if I can touch their faces. The sound quality is clear as water when the music plays; I can feel as one with the music or have the feeling as if I’m part of the band because of the fantastic intimate setting.

Union Hall: If you want the best of both worlds! Then Union Hall is the perfect place to visit for a cozy calm and crazy cool atmosphere. In the land of New York, this venue shows two sides of what Brooklyn has to offer.  As you enter Union Hall you will be please to notice a nice laid back setting with a fireplace, old bookshelves, warm comfortable couches and an indoor bocce court which will make you questioned if you have stepped into the wrong venue. No my friend you haven’t; yes you will witness a music venue with such a setting but wait there’s more. Once you enter downstairs you’re whole mood will change from peaceful to a joyful noise in seconds. The loud sound of a band playing or a DJ spinning, the lights shimmering down blue as a midnight moon while everyone around you are dancing and singing just having as great time listening to the awesome music will make you never wanting to go home again.

Pete’s Candy Shop: Think of the free show of an amazing talent you seen in the subway waiting for the long witted train to come. Or a film that was so great that you will pay your money (hint: about fourteen to twenty bucks) to see it again at least three more times at the theater. Pete’s Candy Shop is just that amazing place. I call it the acoustic dream. The shoebox size bar/venue is a perfect setting to just feel relaxed while enjoying sweet acoustic sounds from many New York City music acts.  This venue is smaller than the last two I mention but the outdoor setting is spacious to feel the nature breeze and great conversations while enjoying the good and affordable alcohol beverages. Every night Pete’s Candy Shop has awesome acoustic music that can really speak back to you. The sweet angelic voices and smooth guitar melodies that vibrate throughout the venue makes your skin crawl with goose bumps. I must say once you visit this venue, you will leave feeling satisfied like a kid in a candy shop.

The Bell House: This venue is perfect for people who love going on an adventure (since the location is out in the middle of nowhere) and is willing to listen to many new performing acts. The Bell House is located in Gowanus an area of Brooklyn not too many people are familiar with, so traveling can be an adventure but the distance is worth the wait. Every night there are events happening at this venue which seems to keep bringing people to come back for more of New York’s finest music. The setting of The Bell House seems out of place for any New York City neighbor. The old fashion interior design mix with the atmosphere of modern music and music lovers help to set this venue apart from the rest. When viewing a show at The Bell House I will feel the sensation of visiting amazing concert in a foreign place, with many strangers all sharing the same bond to enjoy the music.

Zebulon: Zebulon is the venue that will remind you of that amazing fun popular kid in high school everyone wanted to be around. Visiting this wonderful Brooklyn music fantasy will make you feel like the coolest kid on the block. With high energy music from many local bands, to the never ending of people crowding inside and out the venue shows that Zebulon is the life of the party. A music heaven that never disappoint my ear drums from ringing; being in a crowed place surrounded by music goers and night seekers makes me feel electric by the sound.