Ashley Dupre from Video to Book

212Access January 25, 2013 Comments Off on Ashley Dupre from Video to Book

By Marlene Garzona

Ashley Dupre became an overnight celebrity after the New York Times identified her as the escort who brought down New York Gov. Elliot Spitzer. The former governor had everything to lose by visiting an escort, so you can assume Ashley Dupre has some magic tricks up her skirt. If one of the most powerful men in New York was willing to risk it all for sex, she must have a special hold on men.

Now, the world’s most famous former escort is revealing her tricks. Ashley just coined a book, Tricks of the Trade: Advice on Sex, Love and Lust, which reveals practical advice on sex, love and lust.

Of course, Ashley first revealed some of those secrets to 212Access in our video blog, Confessions of an Escort. She told all – how women are recruited as escorts, why sex makes or breaks a relationship, why great sex never fails, even how to get a guy to commit.

Here is some of the practical advice she dishes from her new e-book.


Advice for men

Sex appeal isn’t everything.

Women do care about sex however that isn’t the first thing on their minds when they meet you. Looks might get you the initial number but your personality will determine where things go from there.  Keep that in mind and stop obsessing over hitting the gym. A women wants someone that they can learn from who is accepting and won’t quit it after they hit it.

When in doubt ask- Women can be confusing. We’re always changing our minds. The minute you accept that will be able to finally start understanding us. The worst thing you can do is assume, assume that she wants to go out for dinner or assume that she’s mad because you didn’t do the dishes, don’t. You lose nothing by asking rather you gain instant clarity. This is a transferable skill; if you are curious to know if she’s into kinky things, ask. It’s save you both the trouble and you the embarrassment later.

Rekindling the romance- Sometimes the fire can die but that doesn’t have to mean the end. There’s no better way to savage a relationship from going south then by remembering the little things. It’s those simple gestures like a good morning text or the unexpected compliment that kept women satisfied. Your actions will show her that you still care, most importantly that you still love her.  You don’t even necessary have to go big for holidays, something sweet and simple usually works just as well in making her feel special.

Advice for women

Buddy System: Crimes rates have been dwindling however that does not mean we should let our guards down.  It is always better to travel in pairs than alone.   Not only does it increase our overall safety it also makes any sort of adventure a lot more memorable.   You never know when you’ll need a bathroom buddy or someone to stop that guy from hitting on you.

Body Acceptance – No matter our professions we’re all still insecure about this or that. These insecurities don’t have to bring us down however if we accept them and then slowly start on making them better.  It’s as simple as standing in front of your mirror and telling yourself you’re beautiful. In the end it doesn’t matter what you’ve done or had happened to you in previous relationships, you can still have a new amazing one. You’re the sole person in control of your life.

Appreciate what you have: Men are naturally prideful; giving him a little extra validation can go a long way.  After all everyone likes attention.  Doing things that make him feel special every so often will help maintain a healthy relationship.  Perhaps even turn that boyfriend into a husband as you become more carefree allowing it to progress naturally.

Advice for Parents

Stay happy: After a commitment is made the focus tends to shift to a new priority: a new job, children, etc.  You have to make sure to keep the relationship a priority while taking care of your own needs.  Remember, happy parents mean a happy home with happy children.

Practice constructive criticism – Children add a new dimension to a relationship, but they also bring their share of issues.  Children whine and teenagers do things they shouldn’t. However the answer is simple: you have to learn to accept them while not being judgmental.  Parenting isn’t about telling children what they can and cannot do, it is about teaching them how to properly navigate the world while providing a strong support system for when they fall.

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