Am I a Man Eater?

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By Desi Pavlova

New York City has changed me. It turned me into a man eater.

I went to my first baby shower in my life over the weekend. It was ten attractive, beautiful, sexy and powerful women all coming together to celebrate the future birth of a baby.

We shared seven bottles of wine between us, so as you can imagine, we were drunk by the end of the night. The conversation revolved around boys, men, sex, careers, money and how we all planned to become the perfect housewife in time.

All of the women were in their early thirties and single – with the exception of me. I am 27 years old.

By bottle two, our true faces began to show. There was no more sweet talk about babies or wanting to become the perfect housewife. By bottle three, the conversation turned to us and how New York City changed us.

It doesn’t matter where a woman is from. She can be from Bulgaria, Serbia, Russia, Mexico, America or Canada. Regardless of culture or nationality, New York City will change her.

In New York City, women compete with men. It’s not like that in other cities or even countries.

We are strong, sexy, ambitious, sharp, picky, and dare I offend – aggressive. New York women are always ready for a fight.

I put on my boxing gloves every time I go on a date. I get ready for the match.

Guys, I’m going to let you in on a secret. New York women like to control the game. We need to be in charge. We pick our man; our man doesn’t pick us. It’s not like that in other cities where a man picks a woman.

I don’t like the idea that a man has to pick a woman. I am sweet and sexy. I’m also a shot of espresso. My last boyfriend was more blunt when he broke up with me.

“You are too strong for my taste,” he said.

I think he is afraid of a strong woman.

Back to our baby shower.

We all agreed it is not easy to date in New York City. I want my future husband to be handsome, have a good job, come from a good family, have a stable income, be well-educated, well-traveled and have a great group of friends. I don’t think my standards are too high. I think I deserve that.

I have traveled to different cities and countries throughout my life where most women my age are already married with kids. I usually feel like something is wrong with me after visiting my friends back home in other countries and cities.

And then I come back home to New York City and see all of my girlfriends who are still not married, all searching for Mr. Right.

New York City is a place where women can free themselves. We can do whatever we like and say what we feel. And yes, we can pick our man just like we pick our purse.

Outsiders say our standards are so high and we won’t ever get it. I expect from a guy what I give to him.

Did the city turn me into a man eater? Was I always like this or did New York City change me?

I don’t know, but one thing I do know.

New York City is a place where women have rights and freedoms. When I am in Bulgaria, the country where I was born, Bulgarian men treat me differently. My friends tell me it’s because they believe I am above them now that I have had a taste of New York City.

I am getting a great education, building a career, traveling around the world and looking for the man of my dreams. If I ever find him, I’m sure it will be in New York. After all, isn’t everything we ever want in New York City?