A Love Affair with Louis

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By Desi Pavlova

I have a confession to make. I am in love with Louis Vuitton.

Men won’t understand it, but when Louis is on your arm, you are confident, sexy, strong and pretty.

For those who have never held Louis, let me give you some insight into why he stands above the rest. Gucci, Chanel and Fendi may sit beside Louis in my closet, but when it comes time to choosing a date, I find myself always leaning on Louis.

Louis Vuitton is the handsome man that every woman wants to catch. He’s Mr. Big from Sex and the City and George Clooney from Oceans 11 – both wrapped up in leather that never ages. But even better, unlike Mr. Big and Mr. Clooney, Mr. Louis never cheats on me.

And unlike all other men, Louis makes me want to scream – I Love You – in the middle of Manhattan without a regard for who is listening.

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I still remember the first time I fell in love with Louis five years ago. I was walking along Fifth Avenue when I saw him staring back at me from his 10-story mansion. My heart skipped a beat as I looked at him through the window and saw his style. I had to get closer.

I walked inside, and could smell his leather scent throughout his store. There was no denying Louis was the King of this mansion because his imprint adorned the walls. I wanted to put my hands all over him, caress his leather, but I couldn’t because he was outside of my reach.

YES – was all that came to mind.

Every college girl dreams of marrying Louis Vuitton. She can be 18 or 70 years old – it doesn’t matter. We all want him. Louis is not like Chanel, which is for older women or Fendi, which is too European for me. Louis is international luxury. He transcends style, age, beauty, personality, languages, ethnicities.

Or as men will understand, Louis is the Most Interesting Man in the World, Mr. Dos Equis.

You can wear Louis with everything and he will never let you down. Louis can make any woman feel like a VIP whether she’s wearing jeans and a t-shirt or a sexy, short black cocktail dress. Louis is marriage material.

When I am with Louis, I feel like the model in those famous ads. Women stop me on the streets and ask me how much he cost. Men ask me who bought it for me.

And that is yet another feeling that Louis incites with others – a sweet feeling of jealousy. Why can’t I buy it for myself? Why does a woman need to ask how much pain I suffered to be with Louis? My time is my time, just like my love is my love.

And that my friend, is why I am in love with Louis.